SenseCAP Indicator D1Pro

Review πŸ“– : Recently, I got a chance to work with Seeed Studio SenseCAP Indicator D1Pro - A 4-inch Touch Screen IoT development platform powered by ESP32S3 & RP2040.

SenseCAP Indicator D1Pro SenseCAP Indicator D1Pro

The board comes with Type-C and Grove interfaces, supports ADC and IIC transmission protocols, and can easily connect to other peripherals with rich GPIOs.

πŸš€ Features ✨ Dual MCUs and Rich GPIOs: Equipped with powerful Espressif Systems ESP32S3 and Raspberry Pi RP2040 dual MCUs and over 400 Grove-compatible GPIOs for flexible expansion options. ✨ Real-time Air Quality Monitoring: Built-in tVOC and CO2 sensors, and an external Grove AHT20 temperature and humidity sensor for more precise ✨ Local LoRa Hub for IoT Connectivity: Integrated Semtech Semtech SX1262 LoRa chip (optional) for connecting LoRa devices to popular IoT platforms such as Matter via Wi-Fi, without the need for additional compatible devices. ✨ Fully Open Source Platform: Leverage the extensive ESP32 and Raspberry Pi open-source ecosystem for infinite application possibilities.

πŸ’‘ If you are looking for a 4-inch Touch Screen based on to prototype project or product, SenseCAP Indicator D1Pro is worth considering. I’ll experiment more and share my insights here. Stay tuned! πŸ‘‹

SenseCAP Indicator D1Pro SenseCAP Indicator D1Pro Inside

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