TinyML Workshop at Model Engineering College Kochi.

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Seeed Studio #TinyML_Workshop_Series πŸš€

MEC Group Photo

We successfully completed 3rd hashtag#tinyML hands-on workshop at Model Engineering College kochi with the support Seeed Studio. It was a intensive session focusing on hands-on workshop applying on real world situations .

At the end of the session, participants made their fully functional hashtag#TinyML project using Seeed Studio hashtag#XIAO and Edge Impulse , the project includeds controlling lights using eyes πŸ‘€, Fruit 🍎 🍌classification , Car πŸš— and Bike 🏍️, Potholes πŸ›£οΈπŸš§ identification , wild animal 🐘 classification using sound..etc.

MEC tinyML Workshop Photo

Thanks to Seeed Studio and their awesome team, Cognicor-AICTE IdeaLab for the invitation, MakerGram and MUHAMMAD SWALAH for the support.

MEC tinyML Workshop Photo

MEC tinyML Workshop Photo

If you want to conduct online and offline tinyML sessions, DM me and let’s discuss πŸ€—.

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